Hands-On and On-Property Service

Service Standards


Fumar Cigars, ECO provides a consignment-based cigar program for resorts, golf clubs and and destination properties. We custom-tailor a cigar menu containing well-known cigar brands for each property we service, and in most cases, supply a humidor that complements the venue's decor.


In addition, we provide regular on-site staff training to ensure that the staff is knowledgable of the cigar inventory as well as general cigar facts and the cutting and lighting process.




Fumar Cigars, ECO is happy to supply their clients with guest amenities. From custom lablel cigars to specialty cigar collections, personal humidors and much more, we can provide it for your guests.


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About our Consignment Program


We believe that the best way to provide cigars to our clients is through our consignment program. We supply the humidors, cigars, cutters, baggies, and cedar strips for lighting. Our clients can enjoy a new revenue stream with an approximate 50% cost of goods, with no upfront costs. An associate will visit the property regularly to restock product and supplies, maintain humidity, and ensure a clean and proper presentation for all points of sale.


Full training is provided to the staff to teach them cutting, lighting and guest presentation techniques. Training will provide the staff with the knowledge to be comfortable discussing size, shape and flavor scales to the guest to assist in the perfect cigar selection.