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Fumar provides rare cigars and spirits to more than 250 resorts from Phoenix to Miami Beach, and the company’s collection has included Pre-Embargo Cuban cigars manufactured in every year from 1907 through 1962.


The smokes themselves, acquired primarily from antique shops and estate auctions, range from mild and straightforward to rich, assertive, and full-bodied; yet the stories surrounding the cigars often prove more sumptuous than their singular tastes.


Pre-Embargo Cuban Cigars

What makes a cigar legal versus illegal? The date is 2/7/62.


President Kennedy signed the "Trading with the Enemy Act" on that date during the run up to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Later that year, in October, we experienced 13 days where the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro and the US went to the brink of nuclear war. The law read that any and all Cuban products that the revenue went back to the Cuban government, became illegal for US citizens to consume, possess, trade, sell or give away anything Cuban from Cuba. In order to qualify as a Pre-Embargo Cuban Cigar, certain criteria must be met. The stamps and rings must coincide with the era and usually; some kind of traceable history will accompany most true Pre-Embargos. Due to the nature of the product, there are very few on the market. Cigars are good forever, kept properly, but few are stored for long-term aging. Some brands age better than others. Some are packaged better than others. Some cigars are constructed for being aged for a long time before they are consumed. Others are ready to smoke in 6 months.


Fumar Cigars began its collecting of these treasures over 2 decades ago. The first box was found and a love affair with collecting was borne. To date, Fumar Cigars has bought and sold (and smoked!) thousands of boxes. There are hundreds of boxes and partial boxes in the collection at any time. We sell singles at over 120 famed resorts in our resort service division. They are on display in 7 states about 20 markets, from Sea Island, Georgia to Santa Barbara and La Jolla. From South Beach to Tahoe. You will find Fumar Cigars Pre-Embargo Cigars at many properties. For a list while you travel, contact Fumar offices.


We have 75 brands from as early as 1907 and through 1962, as well as most of the major manufacturers of the decade they are from.


Prohibition Whiskey Collections

Two different finds discovered independently under completely different circumstances, this collection of "Bottled in Bond" 100 proof Prohibition Era Whiskey is the rarest drinkable whiskey ever produced, saved, discovered and presented at any time in history.


The US Government during Prohibition (1920-1934) made exceptions for the Medicinal Use of Spirits as long as they were in Barrel before the beginning of Prohibition (From the years 1912-1919). They had to be "Bottled In Bond" which meant only the purest, 100 proof and finest quality could meet the standard of the Bond for Medicinal Purposes Only! Packaged in decorative pint bottles most with their cardboard packaging, dates and stamps in tact, there is a minor amount of evaporation in a number of the bottles due to poor seals during that era. The flavor is unmistakable, pure and enriching. All bottles claim they are aged in Wood or "Oak" for 12-18 years before bottling.


The first discovery made by Fumar Cigars came in the form of the salesman's kit from the AMSco. The American Medicinal Spirits Company actually had a door-to-door salesman for pharmacies and apothecary shops. He had one of each of the bottles they carried (18) in a cardboard box that had the US Treasury seal waxed on the side. Each box had the date in pencil on the lid (2-1-35), the price (usually between $2.35-$2.57 per brand) and the salesman's initials.

The second cache was found in a hidden vault behind a wall in a basement in Chicago. In that stash there were 26 bottles of similar years and a few extra bottles, including brandys, Johnny Walker Black (1936), a port and a gin (turned).

Prohibition has 3 dates that are important.


1897: The Entitlement Act which empowered each of the distilleries to make Whiskey at Medicinal grade, 100 proof, Bottled in Bond with US Government seals and supervision. It was only sold by Pharmacy and Doctor scripts and required constant updating of the record. Each distillery was allowed to sell 500 barrels per year.

1920: Beginning of Prohibition. All whiskey in barrel had to stay there until Prohibition was over or be sold to Pharmacy through the "American Medicinal Spirits Company".


1934: End of Prohibition! All good to go!


In order to sell this product, known by the liquor board as an "Antiquity" or "Collectible" or "Novelty", it is not considered "Liquor" anymore. None of the manufacturers still exist; a company that went in business for prohibition and out of business when it was over sold them wholesale. The retail distribution of the product was to pharmacies, not to liquor stores.


In order to get the price and authenticity correct, we have packaged the whiskey with Cuban Legal cigars from the same era.


We recommend you sell the bottle and the cigars together to one person/group.