Need something special for your next big event?

What We Do

Fumar Cigars ECO specializes in providing a service-oriented cigar program for resorts and destination properties. We also strive to create an event package for all budgets. Making sure that our clients can provide their guests with a memorable experience is our goal, be it for a cigar program or a show.


Based in sunny Fort Myers, Florida, Fumar Cigars' services includes cigars, cigar rolling and hookahs for events.


Fumar Cigars chooses its clients carefully. We provide thousands of dollars worth of custom-built humidors, often built just for a specific room and signature collection. Then we fill them with the finest individual cigars from the best manufacturers with their most preferred selection. In some venues, rare cigars from Fumar's private collection of Pre-Embargo Cubans are made available. All are on consignment for those who qualify. Major resort clients enjoy an unlimited reserve of great inventory always available, always timely restocked with cigars, and cigar cutters, cigar baggies and cedar strips for all guests. We assure a flow of inventory and pricing for all of our clients.


One of the backbones of our service is training. Fumar will train and educate front line staff (Retail and Food & Beverage) in the art of selling and presenting cigars properly and professionally. Knowledge and confidence in salesmanship are trademark elements of our service that we employ with the staff.


Fumar is a complete provider with the "extra's" a resort or preferred property expects. Our events department will interact and engage with your destination management, event management, catering, banquets, retail, golf group sales and all of the potential revenue streams with exciting new shows available for your guests or clients.

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